Should you read while listening to music?

Does anyone remember those tips on how to study for a test
or do your homework? I am quite sure many of you know the answer and know
how well that worked for you. It is almost the same advice I get for reading a book–don’t listen to music–and I can say
I disagree wholeheartedly. When I am reading a book I can see myself sitting
outside listening to the sounds of nature (which is to me is like a musical) or
if I am cooped up inside I would be sitting in a nice comfortable chair with a
pair of headsets on, or fill my room with music from my computer or stereo.

Music helps you travel to that place within the book, especially if you are reading a lengthy book. If you know the genre of the book you are reading for example, John Adams, I would set up a playlist of the soundtrack of John Adams (the HBO movie) , but also add music from late 18th and early 19th centuries. Find music that would suit you while reading.

I like to change my up the music I listen to. If the book is getting to a boring part, I have tons of songs that could motivate me to push through the page or chapter, but many times I find music that fits the genre of the book.

What about music that has lyrics to it? Yes, there are going to be readers who have a difficult time trying to focus on the words on the page. But if  a book is really taking you away, the lyrics of a song go away, you hear the beats, the harmony, which in turn help you with the book, because you are making a soundtrack for it.

In the end, it is up to the mind of the reader, who is the director of the book. Try to read with music at least once try to –it doesn’t matter if is nothing but soundscapes and classical music, but something to start with. Then try to move forward by making soundtracks for genres you read or just general reading. All I ask is that you try; it  does no harm
for a reader.



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