Favorite Place to Read

Believe it or not, I am an “in the bed” reader. I have always loved “curling up with a good book”.  My bed is currently set up as a daybed when fully made which gives me lots of pillows and comfort while reading. Often I am joined by my furry friend, Tinsel, during this quiet time. He “helps” me read by pushing the book closer to my face so that he can lay on my stomach.

Following up on my dear sisters’ posts about music while reading, I prefer silence when I am reading novels. If I am studying, then I will put on some classical music, but instruments only, no words becasue it distracts from what I am reading.

Finding the best spot and atmosphere in which to read makes reading that much more fun! Find your spot and you will be hooked on books. 😀

Question: Do you jot down new words and look them up later, or do you look them up right away as you read?

My answer: I jot down new words if I can figure out what it means in context, but if I cannot figure out the word, I will look it up right away so that I can understand what I am reading.



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