Favorite Place to Read, Part 3

All good things come in threes, I have been told.

My absolute favorite place to read would have to be the chair in the front room at my Granny’s house. It was my great-grandfather’s chair, who I think made it the most comfortable chair for the future generations. Not only is his chair the most comfortable chair I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in, but it is also one of the few chairs that I could set my legs indian-style and keep a straight back.

I have always loved sitting in chairs while reading for the main reason they would keep my back straight for if I am laying in my bed I constantly move, unable to keep track of what I am reading. While in a “good” chair I have had to really move, unless the poor feet go to sleep. 🙂

The other thing about my great-grandfather’s chair is that it is located is just a nice spot where two doors can be open and I feel the breeze and look outside to view the beauty of the seasons. And the lighting is great in my opinion.

As to Camille’s question I am the one who looks for clues first. If I am really unsure I would write it down, get up get my dictionary (which I need a new one ;D) and look up the word. In many cases I keep my dictionary at least an arm-length away.


PS: There are fights when all the family is over because everyone loves the chair, so it is said that if one of my great-uncles is over they get to have the chair, if not well I normally rush for the chair and never really get up, for fear my siblings or even mom take claim of the chair. 😀


3 thoughts on “Favorite Place to Read, Part 3

  1. That is probably why many of us fight over the chair. Once I learn how to actually get pictures on this I will post a picture of the chair with this post. 🙂 To show you how comfortable. 😛

  2. I know that chair very well! Very Very comfortable 😀 I would fight over it too 😀
    I have to admit, while my bed is my first choice, a comfortable chair is number two…hopefully soon, I’ll be able to get a “reading chair” for my room, to add to the atmosphere that i find condusive to reading.

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