Taste in Certain Genres?

I thought about this topic as I was sitting near the computer, looking at the lists of books I have read, own, and wish to own. I found that I love all types of genres, but my taste in certain genres altered from what it was about six years ago.

What do I mean by that? Well, six years ago, I would read poetry and biographies, but I was drawing more towards graphic novels and romance novels. I was not reading classics, because in high school they would over analyze literature to the point that it seem I was being taught what were the teacher’s causes and not what the author was trying to portray. Since I was not Christian or really any faith, I didn’t look at religious book, eve as good pieces of literature or books to help me.

I lost interest in romance novels because I felt they were sensual and that led them to become unrealistic. I also felt that sex before marriage, and that ‘pleasure was all you needed to find’, did not resonate with me. The novels weren’t about finding love and a companion for life; they were about allowing yourself to just take the pleasure because you could, and somehow these two people would end together (which does not always happen in life). So, yes I can admit I read romance novels, but I only read one author.

Graphic novels came down to the same problem: I was becoming picky and did not like the trendy things in society that were being portrayed. I wanted a story that had imagination, but could be realistic as well. It is difficult to example this because books, especially fiction uses a lot of imagination, but their plot can relate to either the author’s personal experiences or the reader’s. So, if anyone come with me to any bookstores and I am looking at graphic novels I am just picking from certain authors or publishing companies I trust.

As I mentioned before my taste in reading materials had changed, instead of just reading about happy endings in fiction, I look for human stories that deal with life whether in tragedy or in joy. Since I finally “turned around and come home” (quoted lyrics to a Matt Maher song) those books that I felt that could never help me, are the top of my list in reading. Of course another thing arose, the lack of reading classics disappeared, I was wanting to read Jane Austen, biographies, historical non-fiction with a renew joy.

Question to all of you: have you ever done something like I have, where in one time or many times in your life you changed your attention to one genre or types of books? Why?




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