Answers for Camille

I can always be counted on to cry when I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–the part after Harry finds the Resurrection Stone. (I’m leaving it at that, in case y’all haven’t read it) Oh, reduces me to puddles. I was crying buckets during the movie.

Another book is Death on a Friday Afternoon, by Fr. John Neuhaus. It’s a book of essays on the Seven Last Words, but it’s not Neuhaus’ words that make me cry–it’s his quoting of a novel, The Blood of the Lamb, by Peter De Vries. The novel is semi-autobiographical, and includes the suffering and death of his daughter, Carol, from leukemia in the early 1950s. His writing is so poignant that it would reduce anyone to tears.

(Incidentally, these are both great Lenten reads!)

As for Twain–I don’t find him hard to read, I just don’t really like him, particularly. I am curious about his Joan of Arc, since Twain said he liked it the best out of all his novels. But I think what really gets me about Twain is that he didn’t like Jane. And anyone–including Charlotte Bronte–who didn’t like Jane is not high on my reading list or list of personal favorites (And yeah, I’ve read Jane Eyre, and part of it is good–and part of it is mind-bogglingly bizarre, even for a gothic novel). My favorite Bronte is Emily. Even though I disliked Wuthering Heights when I read it in high school, it has grown on me in the years since.

It appears, however, that I might have to give Twain another look, based on this evidence. And I do have the book in question, but haven’t gotten to this part yet. So I’ll have to flip to the essay and see if my dislike of Twain, due to his dislike of Jane, is truly founded.

Anyone else share my feelings about the Brontes?



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