Change in Genres


I did this with Lord of the Rings. Actually, it started with Harry Potter. I didn’t like fantasy novels growing up, the Narnia books excepted. The only people who read The Hobbit at my school were the nerdy middle school boys, so it didn’t seem like my type of reading. But when my sister brought home the first Harry Potter, I ended up picking it up off the coffee table and reading it–and then I was hooked. I even read the sixth one in the ICU after my transplant; it had come out a few days before (I don’t recommend doing this, because you get very, very strange dreams).

I finally read Lord of the Rings when the movies came out, because I wanted to know how Return of the King ended. Namely, I wanted to know who died. Yes, I am that person. I like spoilers. I don’t mind if people “ruin” the ending of a movie or book for me. So I read it, and then found out that I liked it quite a bit, so I read the entire series, The Hobbit withstanding (and I have to get on that). But I’m still not a huge fantasty fan.

I’m also not really a fan of sci-fi or supernatural fantasies. They just push my “suspension of disbelief,” to use a theater term, too far. I did, however, like Dracula and Frankenstein, but probably because they deal with much deeper and broader issues than just writing a “monster” story.

And I don’t read romance novels. That doesn’t mean I don’t read love stories–I mean the bodice ripper “romance” section at Barnes and Noble. No thanks. Of course all of Jane’s novels are love stories, and I love those! But I like my characters to have brains, thanks. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Change in Genres

  1. “But I like my characters to have brains” that is exactly I was looking for with those books and like I said I only found one author and she writes historical romances and is a big fan and admirer of Jane Austen. I have yet to read Lord of the Rings. I know I need to.

  2. I think you have to be “ready” to read LOTR. I think if you try to force yourself to read them, they won’t go well. But if you like the movies, I think you’ll like the books (although ROTK goes ON and ON and ON……….)

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