Query: First Chapter Book?

Hi girls–

I want to know what the first chapter book you ever read was, and when you read it.

For me, it was Little House In The Big Woods. I was six, and in first grade. In my reading circle, we got to pick from a selection of chapter books, and this was my pick. I soon read all of them, including The First Four Years and West From Home, and eventually read all the spinoff series (Charlotte, Caroline, Rose…didn’t get to Martha, sadly). I have my mom’s copy of the novel. It’s a hardback copy, a gift from her parents one Christmas. Of course, I’ve colored in the pictures. (I was six, cut me a break!)

I always thought it would be great fun to make a pig bladder balloon, and make candy on a pan of snow. Maybe I should try that sometime.


I’m just going to add to this post…make’s it easier 😀

The first chapter book I picked up was Babysitters Club Little Sister series. I was also in first grade when I started reading chapter books…hence the move up to second grade reading. I also read Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, as well as the Boxcar Children series, and American Girl series. I became a bookworm very early on so I cannot remember exactly which of these books was first…but they were all fun to read! 😀



One thought on “Query: First Chapter Book?

  1. SWEET! The Karen books! I started those at the end of first/beginning of second. And then of course I read ALL the BSC books (seriously, to like #90 or something). And American Girl….man, how do I love those? (still?)

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