Christmas books!

Hello readers!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas day!

Part of my Christmas is always the receiving of books, and this year was no different. So I thought I’d share with you what I received:

  1. Becoming Queen Victoria: An interesting bio about Queen Victoria that takes the angle of her unlikely Queenhood–she was never supposed to be Queen. It should have been Queen Charlotte, or her father, but both died–so the book takes on this angle, talking about Queen Charlotte’s life and how it pertains to Victoria’s upbringing, etc. The book stops a few years into her reign and marriage to Prince Albert so it’s not a biography of her entire life–which would be quite large! I’m looking forward to digging into this, since I love biographies about British royalty.
  2. The Lady of the Rivers, by Philippa Gregory. The third installment in her ‘cousins’ war’ series about the Wars of the Roses. This novel is told from the perspective of Jaquetta, Elizabeth Woodville’s mother (she became the mother of the Princes in the Tower). I’ve readThe White Queen (Gregory’s novel about Elizabeth), but not The Red Queen (About Margaret Beaufort, the foundress of the Tudor dynasty–she was the mother of Henry VII and the grandmother of Henry VIII). But with some of my Christmas money I will be sure to pick this one up!
  3. Of Tide and Thyme: OK, it’s a cookbook. But I LOVE cookbooks! This one is self-published by the Junior League of Annapolis. My grandmother has a copy, and during my last visit I was leafing through it and found a lot of good recipes, so I asked for it. It has some delicious things, and a great seafood section which I am dying to try.

And in a new category: NOOK books! I received a NOOK gift card, so I bought three NOOK books yesterday as well:

  1. Long Live the Queen: The Third Book in Ellen Emmerson White’s The President’s Daughter series. I have books 1, 2, and 4 in paperback, but this one is very hard to find, so I got it as NOOK book. This is a great series revolving around Meg Powers, who is 16 when her mother is elected President.
  2. Mockingjay: The third book of The Hunger Games series: I have them all in paperback, but I needed this one to finish the set on my NOOK. This is some awesome reading.
  3. A Cry of Stone: Michael D. O’Brien writes great Catholic fiction, but his books are 1) HUGE (like over 600 pages each) and 2) Pricey (about $30 each). On NOOK, they’re under $15. They are perfect NOOK books! This one revolves around an artist in New Mexico.

Did you get any books for Christmas? If so, what were they?

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Christmas books!

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  2. I also just recently got The Lady of the Rivers and just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy. Looking forward to Lady and really enjoyed Hunger Games. (Also, they were my first read on my new Nook. It is entirely too easy to buy books on that thing!) I can’t decide if I’ll go watch the Hunger Games movie when it comes out or not as the images I had while reading were pretty vivid and I rather liked what I saw. 🙂

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