Author spotlight: J. Maarten Troost

One genre I really enjoy reading is travel lit–books where people talk about places they’ve been and the experiences they had. One of my favorites is Getting Stoned With Savages, by J. Maarten Troost. He and his wife, Sylvia, end up living in Fiji/Vanuatu (Of Survivor fame) as his wife works to improve the lives of islanders. Troost investigates cannibalism, huge centipedes, and local intoxicants. Oh, and then Sylvia gets pregnant…

His books are laugh-out-loud affairs and (temporarily) squash any desire I have to leave Ohio winter for 100 degrees on the equator. (I said temporarily!) He’s also written The Sex Lives of Cannibals and Lost on Planet China.

While his titles are a bit unorthodox, the books themselves are well-written, full of humor and less-than-idyllic island living. A good thing to read during the winter.


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