Pains of Sleep

One of the books I received from my Daddy for Christmas was a book of select works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which is one of my top favorite poets of all time. My Daddy said he made sure that the poems I liked were in the book collection. For my favorite poem is titled, “Pains of Sleep”.

Why would I like Coleridge or for that matter why would I love that piece out of all the rest. Well up until my college years I had never read any of the poets my Daddy would read or recite, except for Poe. When I got the chance to read one of my Daddy’s favorite poets, I was excited.

Coleridge is famous for his epic poems “The Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan”, but he is also famous for one poem. The poem: “Pains of Sleep” a poem based on his addiction to opium and his nightmares that torn him asunder. Coleridge, I would consider a depressed man, but one of the few poets I can say that reaches down into my emotions and is able for me to look at myself into his poems, especially “Pains of Sleep”.

Do you have a favorite poet, or really a poem that you find does the same? One that makes you see a mirror of yourself either good or bad.

“To be beloved is all I need, 

And whom I love, I love indeed. “-Samuel Taylor Coleridge “Pains of Sleep”



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