A Delightful Diversion

Kara Louise

Just recently, I decided to re-read a book that was returned to me. It is a re-telling of the famous story by Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice.

I can admit that to many and including myself, there are many novels that are re-tellings of this famous story. Certainly they can go from one extreme to the next. I must also admit that because of this factor I am picky and almost hesiate about reading many of these novels.

Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise was a book I had picked up one day at Barnes & Noble because it looked different. I read the first few pages and was instantly grabbed by how she wrote, in my opinion was not how Jane would write, but is has feel of Jane in the style. (If that makes any sense)

What caught my eye also with the novel itself was the re-told story was on the sea, which was absolutely interesting to me, because I did wonder how would that work out. Best part is Kara keeps a good amount of the story in there and everything, well almost everything happens the way Jane plotted.

My first time reading the book, it took me literally a day to finish the book. Kara Louise brings a new “what-if this happened instead” to readers. I like how she kept to the characters personalities, but maybe made a new dimension to them to fit her story.

One thing I love to say about this book, is I wanted to use the term “delightful diversion” as much as Elizabeth did after meeting Mr. Wright (aka Mr. Darcy). It is a lovely read for those who love and adore the characters that were created by the wonderful Miss Jane Austen.

Before I end this entry, I must ask not only Em and Camille, but everyone, is there a good novel based on Jane Austen or really any classic that you loved to read and would recommend?


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