Jane adaptations.

Dear N and C,

I am a Jane purist, so I tend to dislike “retellings” of P&P. The one exception to this rule isn’t really a re-telling, per se: it’s telling the story from Darcy’s point of view. It’s called Darcy’s Story, and for awhile it was only available in the UK (Where my very good friend A picked it up for me), but is now available stateside. The UK edition, however, has the origianl P&P artwork in it, which I adore.

I have read Elizabeth Ashton’s “Continuations” of P&P, and I find these “diverting”, as Elizabeth would say. Mr. Darcy’s Daughters is the first one, and imagines Mr and Mrs. D with “five marriageable daughters of [their] own!” Elizabeth and Darcy are in Turkey for the novel–Darcy having secured a plum diplomatic post–so the girls are staying with Cousin Fitzwilliam. It’s an enjoyable romp. But, in general, I tend to read the originals as opposed to “retellings”.

As for modern romances…I don’t do a whole lot of them, if by that we mean the “romance” section at B&N.

I’m intrigued by PJ James’ Death at Pemberly, which is another sort of “continuation” of P&P. But really, who is better than Jane? Almost no one.




One thought on “Jane adaptations.

  1. Em,

    I understand your meaning, there is no other than Jane, but I guess I love seeing others views of Alternative Universe of the worlds created by Jane herself. But, like I said I understand and do respect your reasons being purely an Jane Purist. 🙂

    Thanks for answering the question.

    Keeping Reading and God bless,

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