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The Unpaved Path

Why would a soon-to-be married Catholic woman read a book that is called “The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Year”?

I think many who know me ask that question, including those at my workplace and in my home. Yet, I can tell you from what I have read in this book, it holds more than just a survival guide.

Emily Stimpson, the author of this books gives a guide that would help single Catholic girls going through those single years without thinking they are to head to spinsterhood because they cannot get a guy.

When I read it I can see that, but I also see an insight to what true womanhood is to be through this book, something I think is difficult for some of us to look for in a book. One day I think she and maybe a few other authors need to write a little…

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The Unpaved Path

My First Fan-fiction Story Uploaded

I am total Bonanza fan and my favorite character is Hoss Cartwright, so I decided to write a fan-fiction story with my favorite character finally having a happy ending and not death, but this story I wanted it based on present time. This is a gamble, I worry my writing skills are horrible and no one will like the story. I am still working on the story, and there are a few more stories that soon might be uploaded, but I am unsure right now. But, please check out the story and let me know what you think! 

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