Books of the Month: July 2013

This is only new books, as per my Good Reads queue. I generally re-read a lot, as well. I’m a big believer in re-reading.

  • Some Assembly Required and Operating Instructions, by Ann Lamott. Now, normally I won’t read her books at all, because she is diametrically opposed to everything I am, and I generally don’t like book that tell me I’m an idiot or whatever for a whole bunch of pages. But these were a book club selection for my Mail Order book club. So I read them. SAR was better than OI. But still, not high on my list of pleasure reading.
  • Kisses from Katie: about how a teenager from Tennessee came to live in Uganda and become the mother of a lot of girls! A great inspirational read.
  • The Real Jane Austen: A Life In Small Things: Probably one of the top three books on Jane I’ve read.
  • Love Walked In. I thought this book was going one way. It went another. And was better for it.
  • Divergent and Insurgent: Two of the three books in the Divergent trilogy (book three comes out in October). Very much recommended. They’re in the vein of Hunger Games, and a movie comes out based on Divergent next year.
  • The Phantom of the Opera, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: I love Phantom. So I had to read it.
  • The White Princess: A continuation of Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War series. This time, it’s Elizabeth, who became the wife of Henry VII and the mother of Henry VIII. She was in love with King Richard III, but after his death, was forced to marry Henry Tudor to create a new Tudor dynasty.
  • The Light In the Ruins: Forbidden love in World War II Italy meets a modern day detective story.
  • And Then There Were None: The play version–preparing for an audition.
  • Bring Up The Bodies. Finally finished this. Not compelling, and generally much inferior to its’ predecessor Wolfe Hall.
  • The last Time I Saw Paris: Future book club selection so withholding my review. 🙂
  • Organized Simplicity: this had a real impact on how I view housekeeping. So much so that I’m doing a series about it over on my blog.

That’s it for me!