What Nikita Read: February

I am slightly disappointed with myself for I was having a good run with reading. Sadly, I only read three books last month. It is almost as if there was a dry spell just waiting to happen and it had to happen when I was happy reading away my life. Which somehow this meme pops into my head:



Even though I read just three books, each book was deep and evoked feelings for me. That could be the reason of the dry spell, two of them were good, but majority a sad tale, while the other has some sad moments, but by far a better ending. I would recommend all three, but my favorite was: Letters from Home by Kristina McMorris

Credit: Goodreads

Credit: Goodreads

My reasoning of making this the favorite of February was simple. It dealt with letters to a Soldier, but also followed the lives of three women during World War II. I have always liked stories that dive into the era of the Greatest Generation; there is just something about that time that almost feels surreal to what I live in. Another reason is hand-written letters are more of an extinct practice in today’s society, if anything many of us cannot write decently with a pen and paper. (I would give the example of my sister who is in high school and I feel her handwriting reminds me of a 5th to 6th level. Not saying my sister is stupid, just most people type now and that means we lose the muscle memory that is needed for good hand-writing.)

As I mentioned this story incorporates the story of three women, but also one man, the Soldier. While the main focus is on the woman who is writing letters to the Soldier, the author does an amazing job pulling the other women’s stories in the mix without confusion. (Always a nice touch.) As I was reading I was rooting for certain things to happen, while I was not surprised about the ending, how it played out was not what was to be expected. Even though one of the things I was rooting did not happen, doesn’t mean I cannot think it could. It is left open-ended for one character’s story. And I read it quite quickly, so a good page turner.

The other two novels I read this February were: Lost Saints of Tennessee by Ann Franklin-Willis and The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. The Forgotten Garden was a suspenseful, drama, and tragic story, was still a good read. It made me cry a lot, but there was a sort of happy ending to it all. But, I am not going to spoil that for you. Now, Lost Saints of Tennessee was a book I read before my husband, who wanted to read it as well. If you read this book, I will recommend picking a day where you can stay in your little corner. It is a sad tale that has a happier ending, but nevertheless sad.

My husband was happy that I recommended him to not read it until he had enough time to focus on the book and let it sink in. I think the only thing that bugged me was the transitions from one time period to another were not as clear as I think the author thought they were. Other than that good book.

Well that is all I read for February, until next month, happy reading!



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