A Small Hiatus

I have made some decisions these past few weeks and I thought it was necessary to post. This entry will be placed in every blog, even I created them or co-founded. I have a decision to go on a small hiatus; I promise it will not be forever. I decided on this based on how I have been feeling: lack of inspiration and determination to write.

This hiatus is a way for me to re-work my goals and missions for each blog I write in, making them more cohesive and productive. I am currently working on making a “Blog Planner” to help with this. My hope is by late August or early September you, the readers shall be noticing updates. There will be updates noticed even with the Hiatus; examples are the layout of the blogs themselves to the profile pages and even the links.

I ask all of you to please keep my in your prayers as I work to create the blogs I have always wanted or have leaned towards.

Until then, take care and God bless,