About the writers

Emily has been a voracious reader since before she could actually read; her mother would read her huge stacks of children’s books to prevent her from destroying the house. By age 6, she was sneaking books into school and could regularly be caught reading under her desk. This continued secretly until she became an English major and was allowed, nay encouraged, to read in class. Her favorite author is Jane Austen (who was the subject of her senior thesis), and she’ll read anything from biographies to science books. When she’s not reading, she’s blogging, or onstage performing (she’s been in, among other things, Parade, Oliver!, Jekyll & Hyde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Ragtime and Les Miserables), or she’s going to Third Order meetings. She also teaches first grade CCD, and loves to cook.

Nikita: What is with this book obsession that has a great hold on Nikita? “Blame it on Daddy and Grandma Jackie,” she proclaims. Nikita remembers her father reading fairy tales, but what she remembers most is both her father and grandmother never putting a book down that they started until they finished it. It caused Nikita to want to understand why they would pick up a book with just words and no pictures.

Once she picked her first chapter book in second grade she was hooked. She loves reading to the point that her family wonders if she wants a library for a room and not a bedroom. Her book obsession are not just chapter books, but letters by Popes, religious retreat books, comics/mangas, quote books, anthology books of poetry, and others.

If she is not reading, what is Nikita doing?

In December 2013 Nikita married to boyfriend of (well this coming June) four years. Not too long after their marriage they had to move to Charleston, SC for he is in the United States Navy. As of right now she is mainly dealing with learning married life and Navy life. If she is not doing that she is volunteering at the local Fleet and Family Support Center (a place for Sailors and their families). She also is a lover of cooking, especially now that she is married. And though she lacks in the department, she does have a blog and writes whenever she has the inspiration to.

Founders of The Literary Garden: (Left to Right) Em and Nikita

Founders of The Literary Garden: (Left to Right) Em and Nikita



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